What we have ?

About SBM’s Print Infrastructure

SBM Print Facility is currently spread over 1.5 lakh sq. ft of state of art RCC building along with additional 1 lakh sq ft for storage.

Being pioneers in print industry, SBM uses best quality inks, blankets and chemicals enabling them to produce world class printed media.

Print Strength

SBM has robust infrastructure in terms of printing capacity. Having fleet of 12 offsets they can do 1.8 million impressions per day i.e. 25 tons of paper daily. Having uniform standard of print size “28 x 40″ enabled by 12 highly maintained German based HEIDELBERG technology in printing machines, they can complete a job in unbelievable turn around time.

Currently SBM have

  • 1 No. of Canon digital printing machine.
  • 2 No. of 4 color Heidelberg SM-102 (Size 28″x40″).
  • 1 No. of 8 color Heidelberg SM-102 (Size 28″x 40:).
  • 1 No. of 4 color Heidelberg SM-74 (Size 20″x30″).
  • 4 No. of Single color perfection (1+1) Heidelberg (Size 28″x40″).
  • 4 No. of 2 color straight Heidelberg (Size 28″x40″).
  • 1 No. of single color straight Heidelberg (Size 28″x40″).


It’s a world-wide fact that any print media company is only as successful as is their binding strength. Labor challenges and it’s shortage is one of the biggest pain presses generally face. To counter the problem, SBM has consistentaly invested in automation with top of the line binding equipment brought from Germany enabling them to convert paper at unbelievable pace.

SBM’s Binding Infrastructure

  • 3 No. of Automatic case making machines by Kolbus – with round corner integration for leatherette & special covers. 
  • Automatic Kolbus casing-in BF 40.
  •  More then ten Sewing machines. 
  • 2 No. of Estar polygraph automatic sewing machine.
  • 2 No. of Muller Martini ow lines to do saddle stitching and 3 side cutting. 
  • 10 No. of four fold stahl machines.
  • 2 No. of Automatic 3 knife trimmer – SD Y – 2. 
  • 4 No. of Automatic Polar Cutting Machines and many other small equipment.
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